Bosnian Cup Ends When Fans Chase Rival Team Off The Pitch (Video)

What is the best way to show your support for your home team?  How about chasing the opposition off the field after they celebrate a goal?  That was exactly what happened during a Bosnian Cup match between Zrinjski and Velez.

Zrinjski fans stormed the pitch following a goal from Velez’s Rijad Demic, chasing their rivals off the pitch and forcing the match to be abandoned.  We should probably note that this rivalry does extend beyond the football pitch, as the teams “represent opposite sides of the ethnically-divided town of Molstar, which is split into Croat and Muslim-run sectors,” according to Reuters.

I guess that’s what you get for scoring a goal on the wrong side of the tracks in Bosnia.  Here is a look at the incident.

Hat Tip reader Jorge for the find.

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