Rays Fan Takes Dan Johnson’s Game-Tying Home Run To The Groin (Video)

dan johnson home run to the groinWhen Dan Johnson connected on a two-out, 2-2 pitch in the bottom of the ninth and sent it over the right field fence at Tropicana Field, there was one fan in the stands that was left feeling exactly like the Red Sox must have felt at that moment.

In the case of the Sox, they had just finished watching their arch-rivals, the New York Yankees, blow a 7-0, eighth inning lead to the Rays.  For many of the Sox players who were watching this disaster unfold from the visitors’ clubhouse at Camden Yards, it must have felt like they had just been kicked in the groin.  One Rays fan knew exactly how that felt at that moment, as he literally took Johnson’s home run ball to the groin.

I am not quite sure how anyone in the stadium at that moment wasn’t following the ball, but this guy clearly wasn’t, as he allowed it to strike him directly in his manhood.  It was a moment that summed up the Red Sox’s epic September collapse in a nutshell…no pun intended.

Here is a look at Dan Johnson’s home run nutshot.  Enjoy!

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