Canucks’ Aaron Volpatti Delivers One-Punch Knockout To Brad Winchester (Video)

aaron volpatti knocks out brad winchesterThe start of the NHL regular season is still a week away.  As a result, we have yet to begin our daily “Frozen Fisticuffs fight of the Night” post, but that doesn’t mean there still aren’t some great bouts taking place on the ice these days.

We witnessed one of those bouts last night, however, some may describe it as more of a beating than a bout, as the Vancouver Canucks’ Aaron Volpatti knocked out the San Jose Sharks’ Brad Winchester before their fight could really even begin.

Volpatti had crushed Sharks defenseman Jason Demers earlier in the game, and it appeared as though Winchester was looking for some revenge, but his search for vengeance was short lived, as Volpatti connected on one solid right, dropping his opponent to the ice in a heap.

As you might expect, there would be no more attempted acts of vengeance against Volpatti from the Sharks players following this knockout.

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