Illinois’ Jonathan Brown Knees Opponent In The Groin (Video)

jonathan brown knee to groinWith the game tied and Northwestern driving down the field late in the first half, Illinois’ Jonathan Brown had the right idea when he decided to look around and see if anyone was watching before he kneed Patrick Ward in the groin.  The only problem was that he was not only being watched by the ESPN cameras, but the official standing only a few feet away got a close-up look of the incident, and didn’t hesitate to throw the yellow flag and hand Brown an unsportsmanlike penalty.  Northwestern would score on the following play, giving them the 14-7 lead.

The 24th-ranked Fighting Illini would eventually come out on top, 38-35, after scoring a game-winning touchdown with only 13 seconds remaining.  So does losing to a ranked conference foe via a touchdown with 13 seconds remaining hurt more than getting kneed in the groin?  I guess Patrick Ward is the only one who can provide an accurate answer to that question.

As for Brown, he has since been suspended for one game by Illinois head coach Ron Zook for his actions during Saturday’s game.  Here is a look at the incident.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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