J.J. Jegede Jumps Over Three MINI Coopers (Video)

j.j. jegedeJ.J. Jegede will be looking to earn his country a gold medal during the 2012 London Games, and if there is a competition that involves jumping over MINI Coopers, we like his odds of doing just that.

In an effort to promote the all new London 2012 MINI Cooper models – which feature the symbol for the games on the roof and a Union Jack sport stripe running down the length of the car – Jegede leaped over three MINIs, which were parked side-by-side.

In case you were wondering, Jegede had to jump approximately 6.5 meters in order to clear the cars, and he did so easily, with a jump of well over seven meters.  As for the MINIs, the company plans to make only 2,012 of these models, but only three of them can say that they have been leaped over by England’s long-jump champion.

Here is a look at Jegede’s jump.

Hat Tip – [Discovery Channel]

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