Marion Barber Couldn’t Stick That Backflip TD Celebration (Video)

marion barber backflip failAfter sitting out the first three weeks of the season with a calf injury, Marion Barber finally made his regular season debut with the Chicago Bears yesterday, and he capped it off with a touchdown and a face-plant.  The touchdown came on a three yard run late in the fourth quarter to help seal the victory for the Bears.  As for the face-plant, that occurred during the ensuing celebration, as Barber was unable to stick the landing on his backflip,  falling face first into the grass at Soldier Field.

Seeing as how it was only his first game of the season, we’ll chalk this one up as a case of rustiness on Barber’s behalf and simply assume that by week 17 he will be landing those backflip celebrations with ease.

Here is a look at the failed touchdown celebration from the Bears’ running back.

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