Colts’ Eric Foster Suffers Nasty Dislocated Ankle (Video)

eric foster dislocated ankleHave you ever seen a football player cry?  It isn’t a very common sight, so when you do see it, you know something ain’t right.  With that being said, something definitely wasn’t right with the right ankle of Indianapolis Colts defensive tackle Eric Foster after it got trapped under the body of one of his teammates during the second quarter of last night’s game.

As Foster was trying to get to Bucs’ quarterback Josh Freeman for the sack, his ankle got caught under defensive end Tyler Brayton, resulting in a nasty-looking dislocation.

Several Colts and Buccaneers players huddled around the field, some in tears, as they watched in disbelief while the training staff looked after the 265-pound tackle.  He was eventually carted off the field during an emotional scene that saw him urge on his teammates with tears running down his eyes.

Here is a look at the gruesome injury.

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