Here Is A Look At Brett Favre’s Boradcasting Debut (Video)

brett favre broadcastingDuring his 20-year career as an NFL quarterback, Brett Favre was usually the one making the plays, both good and bad.  Now that he has retired from the game, Favre has moved into the press box, where he will be calling the plays while others make them.

Favre made his broadcasting debut for CSS alongside Mike Morgan for a game between Rice and his alma mater, Southern Mississippi on Saturday.  And despite playing in two Super Bowls and proving in the past that he isn’t shy in front of a camera, the 41-year-old gunslinger actually admitted to being a little nervous during the pre-game analysis.

I guess next time they should consider giving him a pair of crocs and shoot him from his waist down.  He seems more comfortable in front of a camera like that.  Just ask Jenn Sterger.

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