Chinese Pacers Fans Reenact Reggie Miller’s Greatest Moments (Video)

miller timeAfter watching the following clip, the first thing that shocked me was the fact that there were so many people in China that own an Indiana Pacers jersey.  It is possible that these ten guys are the only ten people in China who own a Pacers jersey, but I am still shocked that there are that many people halfway across the world who like the Pacers.  After all, you’d probably have a tough time finding ten Americans living outside the state of Indiana who cheer for the Pacers.

Anyways, it appears as though Reggie Miller and the Pacers have quite the following in China, as they have inspired one passionate group of Pacers fans to create the following video of Miller’s all-time greatest moments.  He may be six years into his retirement, but in China it will always be “Miller Time.”

Hat Tip – [Midwest Sports Fan]

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