Here Is A Soccer Goal Celebration To Die For (Video)

execution celebrationWe should point out that no one died when Chivas forward Marco Fabian celebrated his second of three goals during his team’s 5-2 victory over Tecos in Guadalajara, Mexico on Saturday.  Instead, what spectators did witness during the celebration was a mock-execution, as Fabian pointed his finger-gun at the head of teammate Alberto Medina, before pulling the trigger.

Fabian made headlines earlier in the year when he recorded two remarkable goals during a 4-1 victory over Barcelona in Miami.  This time around he is gaining recognition for all the wrong reasons, as a celebratory mock-execution has no place on any football pitch in the world, let alone on a pitch that is situated in a country where over 15,000 deaths had been recorded in 2010 as a result of an ongoing Drug War.

Here is a look at the celebration.

Hat Tip – [Dirty Tackle]

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