Harrison-For-Brown Trade May Have Saved Jerome Harrison’s Life

jerome harrison

Failed physicals in the NFL are rarely a good thing, but in the case of Jerome Harrison, it could end up saving his life.

Harrison was traded by the Detroit Lions to the Philadelphia Eagles, along with a 2013 draft pick, in exchange for Ronnie Brown on Tuesday.  However, the trade was voided on Wednesday after it was reported that Harrison had failed his physical with the Eagles.  But his failure had nothing to do with Harrison being out of shape or injured.  Instead, it was the result of what the Eagles’ medical staff found during a neurological test; a brain tumor.

Physicals are always performed during training camps, but they are only performed during the regular season when there is a trade, free agent signing, or emergence of a medical issue.  As for the neurological tests, the Eagles have had plenty of players with head injuries over the past two seasons.  It would therefore only make sense that they would place an increased amount of attention on neurological issues when performing their physicals.

That turned out to be good news for Harrison, as his brain tumor may have gone unnoticed had he not been traded to the Eagles two days ago.  Now that it has been discovered, Harrison has already begun treatment and sources believe that his prognosis for both life and football look good going forward.

Hat Tip – [NFL.com]

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