Kayaker’s Journey Interrupted By A Blue Whale (Video)

kayaker encounters whaleWhile a shark is probably the scariest creature you can come across while venturing through the waters off the coast of  California’s Redondo Beach, I assume a 150-ton Blue Whale is probably a close second.  Oddly enough, the sight of the giant mammal surface lunge-feeding only a few feet away was not enough to scare this kayaker.

Rather than scare him away, the “heart pounding excitement” created by the encounter was enough to motivate the kayaker to jump into the water and get a better view of the friendly blue whale.  But as friendly as he may be, it is probably not a good idea to try this on your own.  And if you do, be sure to follow the NOAA’s guidelines for whale watching.

Here is a look at the kayaker’s close encounter.

Hat Tip – [KTLA]

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