This Probably Won’t Be The Last Tim Tebow Song You See This Year (Video)

tim tebow songThis probably isn’t the first terrible Tim Tebow tribute song to hit the airwaves, and it certainly won’t be the last.  It also isn’t surprising to see it come only a few days after Tebow rallied his troops from 15-0 down in the final 2:44 of their game against the Miami Dolphins, en route to their 18-15 overtime victory…Although, we would argue that their defense (who allowed only 15 points against, and made two big stops and forced a turnover in overtime) and special teams unit (who recovered an onside kick and were on the field for the game-winning field goal) had more to do with the Bronco’s unthinkable victory than Tebow, who accumulated only 40 passing yards throughout the first 54 minutes of the game.

But as bad as Tebow was throughout most of that game, his performance wasn’t half as bad as this song, which takes an already annoying Nicki Minaj song and somehow makes it even more annoying.

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