Patrick Kane Delivers A Perfect Spin-O-Rama Pass (Video)

patrick kane spin-o-ramaTrailing 1-0 midway through the second period, the Chicago Blackhawks were in need of a goal.  While they likely would have settled for a garbage goal that banked off a few players and took a favorable bounce into the back of the Anaheim Ducks’ net, Patrick Kane and Marian Hossa provided us with something that was much more appealing to the eyes.

Carrying the puck down the right hand side, Kane got his head up just in time to notice Hossa streaking towards the net.  After picking out his target, the only thing left for Kane was to figure out a way to get him the puck.  He decided to go with the spin-o-rama backhand pass, and it couldn’t have worked out any better, as the puck landed square on Hossa’s sick before being deposited in the back of the net.

That was just the beginning of Kane’s big night, as he added another assist and scored the shootout winner during the Blackhawks’ 3-2 victory.  Here is a look at his spin-o-rama assist.

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