9 Sexiest Fitness Fads

sexiest fitness fads

Is it just me, or are fitness fads getting sexier and sexier? It seems to have started in the 80s, when sexy workout girls started making aerobics tapes for stay-at-home moms to do in their living rooms. In the process, they ditched the sweatsuits for leotards and ushered in a new era of sexy fitness. Since then, each new fad expands the boundaries of what’s acceptable. Yoga, for example, made it totally normal for women to walk around wearing lycra pants that hug every curve of their bodies. And now we’ve got fads like “pole dancing fitness,” which is basically just straight up sex practice.

For today’s list, we decided to study these various fitness fads and rank them according to sexiness. Check it out, and decide for yourself which fad is the sexiest.

9. Yoga

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Okay, a word of warning to all the guys who might see this clip and immediately start researching the nearest place to take a yoga class: most of the time, yoga isn’t like this. Actually, it’s never quite like this. But it can still be a pretty damn sexy fitness experience. Rule of thumb: the more expensive the class, the richer the clientele, and thus the nicer the yoga pants they wear.

8. Aerobics

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Aerobics was the fitness fad of the 80s and, as already mentioned in the introduction, it was probably the fad responsible for the transition to sexy workout attire. Compared to today’s fitness fashion, these gals probably look pretty silly. But let’s be honest: they’re still hot.

And to emphasize this last point, here’s a modern take on aerobics sexiness:

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7. Zumba

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Maybe you find yourself wondering, what the hell is Zumba?

Well, it’s pretty much just fast dancing. But they replaced the R in Rumba with a Z, so it sounds really hip and fresh. (Remember how cool Zima was? Zow!)

6. Jogging

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Is jogging a fitness fad? At one point, sure. Now, every jackass says stuff like “I’m gonna try to get a run in after work” like their some kind of serious athlete (when really they exercise about 3 times a month). But back in the day, people didn’t just go outside and run around for no reason.

Anyway, one thing is clear: when hot women go jogging, it’s amazing. So jogging comes in as the 6th sexiest fitness fad.

5. Pilates

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Pilates has been around for about a century, invented by a German dude named (surprisingly) Joseph Pilates. However, it became a fitness fad in the early 2000s after some douchebag Hollywood trainer started getting celebs fit with these techniques, then made a bunch of infomercials marketing it to Josephine Q. Public. It’s been a health club standard ever since.

Of course, as you can see from this video, the sexiest part about contemporary pilates is the stability ball. Not sure why, but when certain women use the thing it just looks so erotic.

(PS, this video clip is a bit scratchy at first, but clears up after five seconds.)

4. Whatever This Is Called

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I have no idea what this fitness method would be called. But whatever it is, I’m a big fan. And judging by the “FOX8” in the bottom right hand corner of the picture, it would seem that these 4 minutes of pure sexiness actually aired on broadcast television. So check your local listings!

3. Cardio Ballroom

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So, did you enjoy watching Dancing with the Stars pro Juliane Hough make figure 8s with her hips?

Yeah, I thought you might.

As for this “fitness fad,” it’s just the latest in a long line of exercise routines that just take regular dancing up a notch. Like Zumba, or Hip Hop Abs (which was not sexy enough to make this list).

2. Strip Aerobics

What the hell is strip aerobics? It’s just stripping without taking your clothes off, which I guess is supposed to tighten and tone something or other. In reality, it’s stupid unless Carmen Electra (or someone of equal hotness) is doing it. In that case, it’s awesome, and I highly recommend it.

1. Pole Dancing

This is perhaps the most inexplicable fitness trend in the history of the world.

Actually, let me elaborate. I’m not surprised that people would take to pole dancing as a form of fitness. It surely does give quite a good workout.

What I’m surprised about is that it’s become so mainstream. Like, when the hell did it become okay for middle aged women to pretend to be strippers?

Then again, it’s really freaking sexy. So if I know what’s good for me, I should probably just shut up and go with it.

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