John Brown University’s Toilet Paper Tradition Is Pretty Cool (Video)

john brown university toilet paper gameI had always though that Taylor University’s “Silent Night” was the coolest tradition in college basketball.  That was before I learned about John Brown University’s “Toilet Paper” game.

The rules are simple.  Fans pack the gym for John Brown University’s first home game of the season with their hands and pockets filled with rolls of toilet paper.  Once JBU records their first home point of the season, the fans litter the court with the toilet paper rolls, creating a sea of white that takes several minutes to clean and earns the home team a technical foul that they will all gladly accept.

This year the fans at John Brown University had to wait 1:16 before Andy Garcia cleaned up a rebound and set off a flurry of Cottonelle bathroom tissues.  You can check it out in the video below.

Hat Tip – [The Dagger]

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