Dancers At Popular Gentleman’s Club Set To Form Their Own Basketball League

rick's basketball association

Many of you men may recognize Rick’s Cabaret as the popular upscale gentleman’s club that houses hundreds of gorgeous women at each of their locations around the United States.  However, with the NBA still in the midst of a lockout, it may not be long before we all know Rick’s Cabaret as the sole provider of entertaining basketball action.

Rick’s held a press conference at their New York City location to announce the formation of Rick’s Basketball Association (the RBA), which will feature ten teams consisting of topless dances from Rick’s Cabarets and XTC Cabarets in New York, Houston, Dallas, Minneapolis and Indianapolis, Tootsie’s Cabaret in Miami, and Club Onyx in Charlotte, Houston, Dallas and Philadelphia.

Rick’s NYC dancer Gianna is confident that she and the rest of Rick’s ladies will make us forget about the NBA lockout in no time, while Skylar informed us all that “the girls at Rick’s Cabaret are in shape and know how to use their bodies,” adding that she’s “excited to play the hot girls from our other clubs!”

I think I speak for most men when I say that we are all equally excited Skylar.  Here is a look at the ladies from Rick’s NYC location showing off the RBA’s sexy uniforms.