Picture Of The Day: Too Soon?

houston texans super bowl tattoo

Talk about confidence!  Midland, Texas resident Chris Brown certainly seems to have a lot of it when it comes to his Houston Texans.

Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis may still be three months away, but that didn’t stop Chris from celebrating his Texans’ championship a little early, as he headed out to the local tattoo parlor and had the above image permanently inscribed on his forearm.

The Texans are currently sitting at the top of the AFC South with a 5-3 record and they have won their last two games.  That run of success it what likely instilled such a strong sense of confidence in Chris.  But while the Texans have successfully built a team that could find itself raising the Lombardi Trophy sometime in the near future, Chris’ best bet may have been to wait until that day comes before adding in those roman numerals.

Hat Tip – [Shutdown Corner]

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