Chris Carpenter Skates With The St. Louis Blues (Video)

chris carpenter playing hockeyAfter winning the second World Series title of his career, perhaps St. Louis Cardinals ace Chris Carpenter should consider taking a shot at wining a Stanley Cup next.  He took the first step towards doing just that yesterday, as Carpenter stepped on the ice and took part in a practice with the St. Louis Blues.

Carpenter skated in drills with the Blues players as they prepared for tonight’s home game against the Vancouver Canucks, and to the surprise of many, he actually looked quite good out there.  However, anyone who knows about Carpenter’s childhood knows that he is actually quite the hockey player.  During his high school years he was an all-state defenseman for Trinity High School and was scouted by the Chicago Blackhawks and Boston Bruins.  He chose baseball over hockey, and the rest is history.

So how does Carpenter feel about that decision approximately 18 years later?

“It was always a dream to do that (play hockey), but I think I chose the right route. Hockey made you much tougher, I know that. Growing up playing hockey made me much tougher than baseball would have. It’s a tougher sport, funner sport. I enjoy it a lot.”

Judging by the sound of it, Carpenter probably won’t be ditching baseball for hockey anytime soon, but if he decided to do so, it appears as though the Blues players would be more than willing to make room for him on their roster.  Blues defenseman Alex Pietrangelo seemed impressed, stating the following after practice:

“We were joking about it that maybe we could use him on the power play to help us out. He seems like a pretty good player out there. He’s probably better at hockey than we are at baseball. It’s good to see him. I think we all know he’s a pretty good athlete.”

Here are two videos of Carpenter showing his stuff on the ice.

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