Surfer Nearly Swallowed By A Humpback Whale (Video)

humpback whale lunge feedingBlue whales are not the only aquatic mammals interrupting kayakers and surfers these days.  Now it appears as though humpback whales are doing the same off the coast of Santa Cruz, California.

Okay, so perhaps we are the ones who are interrupting the whales, although these two giant humpbacks didn’t allow a female surfer and a couple of kayakers to stop them from bursting out of the water and enjoying a mouth full of anchovies that were in the area feeding on plankton.

Encounters like this one are beginning to become a common occurrence along the California coast, as many experts believe that weather patterns are bringing the giant sea creatures closer to shore.  Whale watchers have been advised to stay 100 yards away from the feeding area, but in this case the watchers’ failure to obey such rules nearly resulted in them becoming the meal itself.

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