This Last Minute Stand By Beşiktaş JK Is Something To Marvel (Video)

Besiktas goal line standThree minutes into injury time, Beşiktaş found themselves clinging to a 1-0 lead during their Europa League group stage match against Dynamo Kyiv. A win would move them one point ahead of their opponents for sole position of second place in Group E.   With the final seconds winding down, three-points appeared to be within Beşiktaş’ grasp, but they would have to make one final stand…

And what a final stand it was!

Just like you would expect from any desperate team, Dynamo Kyiv threw everything but the kitchen sink at the Beşiktaş goal, but nothing made it through the impenetrable wall put up by the home team’s defense.

This may not be the best goal line stand ever, but it is certainly up there.

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