Charlie Zelenoff Gets Ass Whooping From 61-Year-Old Floyd Mayweather Sr. (Video)

Floyd Mayweather Sr. Vs. Charlie ZelenoffEver heard of Charlie Zelenoff? He’s a possibly insane California man who claims to be world heavyweight champion of boxing. Recently, he climbed in the ring with Floyd Mayweather Sr. for a round of sparring. After some clear domination, “Z-Money” starts getting a little frustrated. Finally, Mayweather, 61, puts Zelenoff out through the ropes with a series of heavy punches.

It’s probably easy for young whipper-snappers to forget that after a career spent taking a beating, your best jab probably registers as a love tap unless you’re a burly, power-hitting heavyweight like Iron Mike. So we can understand Zelenoff’s frustration. What we can’t understand is what happens next.

After climbing back in the ring, Big Z delivers a sucker punch to a man old enough to be his grandfather. Some dude evens the score by totally housing Zelenoff. Weird? Awesome? Both? We can’t totally tell.

Hat Tip –  (Deadspin)

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