PYROTECHNICS!: Announcer Freaks Out At High School Football Game (Video)

No matter how long of a “GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL!” you’ve seen watching futbol, you need to check out this epic freakout by a high school football announcer in Chicago. We get that announcing the Friday night lights isn’t exactly the top of the sports broadcasting food chain, but can someone give this guy just a little more coaching? We’re afraid he might hurt himself.

The field goal is, admittedly, pretty good, especially for a high school player. Still, the level of announcer intensity coupled with the non-sequitor (PYROTECHNICS!) make this guy the Wesley Willis of sports announcers… only SFW. You’d think Marist High (the team kicking the field goal) had just beaten the New England Patriots or something to hear this guy tell it. Great stuff and not to be missed.

(h/t Awful Announcing)

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