San Diego Charger Running Back Ryan Matthews Crushes Tyvon Branch (Video)

ryan matthews big blockRaider Nation has a lot to celebrate today. Not only did the Oakland Raiders eke out a hard-fought victory over California rivals the San Diego Chargers, they also leaped to the top spot in the AFC West. Chargers fans, however, can take some solace in this brutal footage of Ryan Matthews lifting up Tyvon Branch and throwing him to the ground like a rag doll.

There’s no certainly no love lost between these two teams, or their fans. A little extra rough housing is to be expected. Check the block on this video, though, that’s as effective a use at using legal tactics to make a player think twice as any we’ve ever seen. While the Chargers dropped to third, they can find some small comfort in knowing that they made the Raiders hurt.

Hat Tip – Outside the Box Score

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