9 Famous Athletes and Coaches Who Are More Detested Than Jerry Sandusky 

Well, Jerry Sandusky is in the news for banging out little kids (ALLEGEDLY), so let’s go ahead and ride the tidal wave of Google Search traffic by searching for nine athletes that were, at one point, more hated than Sandusky is right now. And ultimately, when the dust settles, these guys will be reign supreme in the “hated athletes and coaches” category, while Jerry Sandusky’s name and tarnished legacy leave us as silently and fluidly as the wind does.

Ahem. Here’s a bunch of athletes no one likes.

9. OJ Simpson

People don’t like OJ Simpson because he killed his wife and her boyfriend by repeatedly stabbing them. A lot of people react worse to the Sandusky news, but killing people is definitely up there. Also, some people called his performance in The Naked Gun “wooden,” but that’s definitely a smaller section.

8. Art Modell

Few people are more hated by a city than Art Modell is by Cleveland. He uprooted the Browns to Baltimore in 1996. Modell had promised many times never to move the team, having been very critical of the Brooklyn Dodgers move to LA and the Colts’ move to Indianapolis. There were many quotes saying that Modell refused to travel to Cleveland for Browns-Ravens games because he feared for his life. And he should have.

7. LeBron James

Yeah, Cleveland’s got a “people to kill” list longer than Steve Buscemi’s in Billy Madison. #2 is LeBron James, who ceremoniously screwed the team over with last summer’s “The Decision,” in which he decided to screw over the city of Cleveland in the most public and painful way possible. It’s not that he left, but the manner in which he did it, going from being the savior of a city to D-Wade’s second fiddle. The citizens of Cleveland were all witnesses, all right. Witnesses to some truly strange and selfish behavior.

6. Roger Clemens

Initially, it was hard to really see where the Red Sox fans were coming from with the anti-Clemens vitriol. They seemed like bitter lovers. However, after seeing him consistently come up short for the Sox, and on the cusp of retirement, it was painful to see him pick up two Cy Young Awards for the Toronto Blue Jays of all teams. Then he found his way onto the Yankees, which didn’t help. Then he acted like a complete asshat in congressional steroid investigations, perjuring himself (say what you will, he lied under oath) and revealing to everyone how about that career renaissance came about.

5. Nick Saban

He earned the ire of both Miami Dolphins fans and LSU fans by jumping ship to coach Alabama in 2007. After only one season at Miami, he left the NFL squad high and dry after continually issuing assurances that he wouldn’t leave. Then he twisted the knife in the still-smarting LSU fans by taking a gig in the SEC. He didn’t only burn bridges, he pissed on the ashes.

4. Sean Avery

Unlike every other entrant on this list, Sean Avery didn’t do just one thing to draw the ire of the sports world. He just gradually earned it by repeatedly acting like an entitled, pompous prick to his teammates, owners, the league at large, and the fans. Sure, his “sloppy seconds” remark didn’t help much, but this guy is pretty much hated because he’s a jerk. I wish there was a more interesting story here, but there’s not.

3. Floyd Mayweather

Well, he mocked the Latino community by stepping in to fight Oscar De La Hoya on Cinco de Mayo while wearing a sombrero, he’s the very embodiment of “new money,” spending cash in a gaudy fashion, even by athlete standards. And he won’t fight Manny Pacquiao. To top it off, he’s been picked up on charges of treating his girlfriend the way he does his opponents, arrested for battery in 2010. Even in the seedy world of boxing, this guy stands out.

2. Barry Bonds

Well, it’s widely accepted now that he took down two of the loftiest records in American sports (HR in a season, HR in a career) while on performance enhancing drugs. Now, that doesn’t make him terribly different than many other athletes, but Bonds’ antagonistic relationship with the media always made him seem like a joyless athlete, hardly the embodiment of our nation’s pastime. In a sport so steeped in tradition and lore, the by-the-book Bonds seems to spit in the face of the sport, making him one of the most hated to ever make it through the ranks of the sport.

1. Floyd Landis

Landis won the Tour de France, but then lost it after he was found to be doping during the event itself, failing a doping test on stage 17. Though he was banned and stripped of his victory in 2006, it wasn’t until 2010 that he admitted to the charges against him, claiming that Lance Armstrong and many other riders doped as well.

Note: if you ever wonder how you can win the greatest prize in a sport, then get it revoked, and are looking to become even MORE hated, be an American athlete that goes after Lance Armstrong. Though I’m sure there’s some validity to Landis’ claims, no one wanted to hear him throw the nation’s favorite athlete under the bus to disseminate his own blame.

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