Jerry Sandusky Claims Innocence During Interview With Bob Costas (Video)

bob costasFormer Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky recently appeared on NBC’s Rock Center for a telephone interview with Bob Costas.  We were already aware of the fact that Sandusky is quite the creepy character who has a thing for little boys, but if we learned anything new from his interview last night, it is that he may be even creepier than we originally believed, he may not understand the meaning of  “child molestation,” and he just might have the worst lawyers in America representing him.

The first two revelations mentioned above are quite evident after hearing Sandusky tell Costas that he is “innocent of those chargers,” referring to the 40 counts of sex crimes against young boys he faces, yet admitting that he had “horsed around with kids,” “showered after workouts,” “hugged them,” and “touched them.”  When asked whether he was sexually attracted to young boys, Sanducky answered that question exactly how you would expect a guilty man living in denial to answer it:

“Am I sexually attracted to underage boys? Sexually attracted? You know, I enjoy young people. I, I love to be around them. I, I, I… But no, I’m not sexually attracted to young boys.”

Nothing says guilty quite like a man who requires such a long, nerve-wracking explanation to tell someone they are not sexually attracted to young boys.

As for the third revelation – that Sandusky has the worst lawyers in America – how else would you explain his attorney allowing him to partake in this interview?

Sandusky is currently free on $100,000, but he could be facing life in prison if he is convicted of the charges.  If you missed Sandusky’s interview with Bob Costas, you can check it out below.  But I should warn you.  Listening to him speak may give you the chills.

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