Elementary School Students Revolt After Balls Banned In The Playground (Video)

kids revoltMove over all of you Occupy Wall Street activists.  There is a new revolt against authorities that is taking the world by storm…

Okay, so perhaps the playground revolt taking place at Earl Beatty Public School in Toronto, Ontario isn’t exactly taking the world by storm, but the protest from hundreds of elementary school students during recess was enough to attract some local news stations to the scene.

It all began on Monday, when students at the school were sent home with letters telling their parents that hard balls, including soccer balls, footballs, volleyballs and tennis balls, would no longer be allowed in the schoolyard.  This action was taken after “a few serious incidents” occurred involving parents and teachers nearly being struck in the head by flying balls.  One parent had already sustained a concussion after being struck in the back of the head with a soccer ball.  Those in charge at Earl Beatty Public School did not want to see that happen again, thus imposing the ban on hard balls in the schoolyard.

So how did the students feel about this decision?  They didn’t like it on bit.  But oftentimes when you anger kids, you can typically expect them to kick and cry until they get their way.  Well that wasn’t exactly the case for these youngsters.  Instead, they decided to make a stance by lining up along a fence during recess and chanting “We want our balls back” in the direction of the cameras and supervisors on duty.

I believe one boy on the jungle gym said it best when he screamed “You can take our balls, but you can’t take our freedom!”  I guess this is how it all begins.  One day you are an eighth-grader protesting for your right to play with hard balls.  The next day you are camped out on Wall Street.

Fight the power kids!

Hat Tip – [Toronto Star] via reader Vic

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