Kings’ Kyle Clifford Faceplants Into The Boards (Video)

kyle clifford faceplantKyle Clifford’s biggest enemy on the ice is usually the opposing team’s enforcer, but last night in Anaheim during a game against the Ducks, his most dangerous foe turned out to be the boards at the Honda Center.

After running into the Ducks’ Brandon McMillan in the corner midway through the second period, Clifford fell face first into the boards, causing quite the scare throughout the arena.  Thankfully, the Kings’ tough guy would be alright, as he remained in the game and didn’t miss a shift.

Interestingly enough, that would be the second time Clifford’s face was put in danger during the game, as he dropped the gloves with Ducks’ enforcer Sheldon Brookbank earlier in the period.  Thankfully, Brookbank’s fists were much kinder on Clifford’s face than the Honda Center boards.

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