Is LSU Taking A Knee With 5 Minutes Remaining Classy, Or Classless? (Video)

lsu kneeWith just over five minutes remaining in their game against Ole Miss on Saturday, the LSU Tigers had the ball with a 52-3 lead and first-and-goal from the Rebels’ one-yard line.  In an effort to avoid running up the score, Tigers head coach Les Miles decided to take what he felt was the classy approach and instructed the offense to take a knee on their next four plays, running the clock down to 3:00 before turning the ball over on downs.

While some may applaud Miles’ actions, others will question whether it was in fact a classy move, or a classless one.  After all, is there anything more embarrassing that watching your opponent line up in “victory formation” with five minutes remaining in the game?  Sure, the Tigers probably would have walked the ball into the end zone on their first play from the one-yard line and increased their lead to 59-3, but isn’t that better than watching them take a knee, as if to say “we know we are going to score on you again, so we’re not even going to bother trying”?

This appears to be one of those instances where Miles and the Tigers simply can’t win.  If he punches it in, he is running up the score.  If he takes a knee with five minutes remaining, he is embarrassing the entire Ole Miss team.

Here is a look at the incident.  Classy or Classless?  Let the debate begin!

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