Lee Corso Drops The F-Bomb On College Gameday (Video)

lee corso headgearLee Corso’s “headgear predictions” have become a staple on ESPN’s Saturday morning College GameDay broadcasts, as the viewers simply never know what to expect.  One day he may come out as a Stanford tree, and the next day he could be dropping the F-Bomb while donning the head of a Houston Cougar.

Those sticking around to watch the conclusion of College GameDay this past Saturday likely witnessed the latter, as Corso thought about blowing the SMU Mustangs’ horn before uttering the words, “F*&k it”, and opting to give the home fans something to cheer about as he put on the Cougar head and predicted a Houston victory.

After realizing what he had said, Corso could be heard saying “glad there’s a delay”…

Not quite Lee.  Check it out.

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