Picture Of The Day: Sidney Crosby’s Resurrection

sidney crosby resurrection

The Penguins’ savior has risen!

But unlike Jesus Christ, who according to the Catholics took three days to rise from the dead, Sidney Crosby required a little more than one weekend to return to action.  In fact, it took the Penguins’ captain nearly one full year to recover from a concussion he sustained last season after taking hits to the head in consecutive games in early January.

After undergoing numerous tests and answering thousands of questions regarding the possibility of his return to the ice, the NHL will finally have their biggest star back in action when the Penguins take on the New York Islanders at the Consol Energy Center tonight.

We should mention that the Penguins have put together a respectable 11-6-3 record without their savior in the lineup this season.  Regardless of that fact, we still can’t wait to see what Crosby has planned for his first miracle upon his return.

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