Rajon Rondo Uses His Head To Make An Alley-Oop Pass (Video)

rajon rondo head alley-oopBeing a pass-first point guard, Rajon Rondo has probably heard the words “use your head” plenty of times over the course of his playing career.  he Celtics star may have taken that advice a little too literally during a charity game in Boston over the weekend, as he use his forehead to dish off a perfect alley-oop pass to a streaking Rudy Gay.

Was it Rondo’s best alley-oop pass this year?  That question remains up for debate, but I can assure you that somewhere in America there is a coach from Rondo’s past who is watching this video and saying to his players, “See! I always told that Rajon to use his head!”

Hat Tip – [Dime Magazine]

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