Rush Limbaugh Says NASCAR Fans Booed Michelle Obama Because Of “Uppity-ism” (Video)

rush limbaughThe incident that saw First Lady Michelle Obama being booed prior to NASCAR’s Sprint Cup Series Ford 400 at Homestead-Miami Speedway on Sunday was already receiving plenty of attention…

And then Rush Limbaugh decided to chime in, causing an even greater stir with what many have interpreted to be a racially charged comment.

One day after Michelle Obama was booed while giving the drivers the “Gentlemen, start your engines” command on behalf of “Joining Forces,” Limbaugh took the opportunity to stick up for the NASCAR fans while accusing the Obama’s of “uppity-ism” – a term often used by racist white folks who are trying to suggest that a member of the black community is being presumptuous by not realizing their inferior position in society.

Limbaugh’s entire statement regarding Obama’s “uppity-ism” went something like this:

“We don’t like paying millions of dollars for Mrs. Obama’s vacations. The NASCAR crowd doesn’t quite understand why when the husband and the wife are going to the same place, the first lady has to take her own Boeing 757 with family and kids and hangers-on four hours earlier than her husband, who will be on his 747. NASCAR people understand that’s a little bit of a waste. They understand it’s a little bit of uppity-ism.”

This isn’t the first time Limbaugh’s racist views have gotten him into trouble and as long as we continue to allow this conservative douchebag to host his own radio show, it certainly won’t be his last.

You can check out a news report on the entire incident below, which includes footage of Michelle Obama being booed, as well as clips from Limbaugh’s racial rant.

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