MMA Bout Ends After Eric Prindle Gets His Butt Kicked, Literally (Video)

Eric PrindleAfter being knocked to the ground during the first round of his Bellator bout with Thiago Santos, Eric Prindle was looking to do everything in his power to avoid having his ass kicked, figuratively.  However, that would eventually result in him getting his ass kicked, literally!

While defending himself from his back, Prindle took a kick from Santos that seemed to penetrate him “where the sun don’t shine,” causing the referee to pause the fight so that Prindle could take some time to recover.  When it became apparent that Prindle’s pain from the illegal kick was too much to overcome, the fight was officially stopped and ruled a “no contest.”

Prindle may be the one with the aching rear, but I’d say the fans in attendance are the real ones who “took it in the…”

You can check the kick out at the 0:46 mark of the video below.

Hat Tip – [Sports Untapped]

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