Three Hurdles From This Weekend’s Football Action (Video)

roy helu hurdleFor most running backs and wide receivers, there are only two ways to get past a defender; juking around him or dipping your shoulder and barreling right through him.  However, LeGarrette Blount, Roy Helu and Kasen Williams have all seemed to find a third path around a defender; hurdle over him.

Washington University wide receiver Kasen Williams got the hurdling party started Saturday, when he leaped up and over a Washington State defensive player with less than one minute remaining in the first half of the 104th Apple Cup.  Williams would go on to record his second touchdown reception of the game on the very next play.  That would put the Huskies up at the half, and they wouldn’t look back from there, recording the 38-21 victory.

One day later it was LeGarrette Blount of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Roy Helu of the Washington Redskins who could be seen leaping over defenders as they made their way across the gridiron.

Blount is beginning to become a regular on Monday’s highlight packages, as he continues to provide us with incredible runs each weekend.  As for yesterday’s high-flying effort during the first-quarter of a game against the Tennessee Titans, let’s just say it wasn’t his first hurdling contest, and we certainly don’t expect it to be his last.  After all, this is one “Blount” that knows how to “get high.”

As for Helu, he was looking for a way to impress the seemingly unimpressible Mike Shanahan, and he may have done just that with this leaping 28-yard touchdown run that kick-started the Redskins comeback.

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