All Tim Tebow Does Is Win Win Win! (Music Video)

tim tebow win win winHere are some numbers for you all to consider.  In seven games this season Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow has completed only 45.5% of his passes for 852 yards, eight touchdowns and one interception.  Those are hardly the numbers of an elite quarterback (see Brady, Rodgers and Brees), but what we all must remember is that Tebow is not the type of quarterback that delivers tight spirals, throws 30 pass attempts per game, or can be counted on for 300 passing yards every Sunday.

What Tebow can do, however, is win win win!  He has done just that thus far, winning five of the six games he has started this season.

So with that being said, I believe we have finally found our official “Tim Tebow Theme Song.”  Although, rather than “money on his mind,” I’d argue that Tebow has “God on his mind,” but I’m sure that can be fixed when they make the remix.

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