First There Was Tebowing. Now There Is Peebowing!

When Tim Tebow got down on one knee, placed his elbow on his leg and his forehead on his fist, and began praying to God following a week 7 win over the Miami Dolphins, “Tebowing” was born and it proceeded to take the world by storm.

Over the course of the next couple of weeks, people across America and around the world began Tebowing everywhere.  Even NFL players were Tebowing, however, most of them were doing it in an effort to mock the Broncos’ quarterback after sacking him.

Fast forward to last weekend’s game between the Denver Broncos and the San Diego Chargers.  Despite a three-game winning streak for Tebow and the Broncos, “Tebowing” appeared to be on its last legs and fans were looking for a new fad to call their own.

Enter Nick Novak.

With one minute remaining in regulation, the Chargers kicker got down on one knee near a Gatorade table and began to release some bodily fluids.  It was at this moment that “Peebowing” was born.

For those who still don’t get how Peebowing works, here is a definition provided by, which is a website dedicated to images of people taking part in the act of Peebowing:

Verb: Randomly peeing on things in public. Like Nick Novak does. It helps if a friend holds a towel for you.

And for those who prefer visual aids, you will find them in the images below.

Terrible Towel Peebowing

Peebowing with the Muppets

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