Nikita Filatov Takes A Skate To The Face (Video)

filatov skate to faceThere was plenty of action during yesterday’s all-Canadian battle between the Winnipeg Jets and the Ottawa Senators, as viewers witnessed a total of 10 goals during the Sens’ 6-4 victory.  However, not all of the action from last night’s game was pretty.  In fact, one moment during the opening period turned out to be downright ugly, as Sens forward Nikita Filatov was on the receiving end of a skate to the face.

While on the forecheck, Jets’ forward Eric Fehr got tangled up with Filatov’s stick, causing his skate to rise up in an unorthodox manner and clip Nikita in the face.  Filatov would need to be helped off the ice and did not return to the game.

Unfortunately, hockey games between the Jets and the Sens typically don’t receive a very large television audience around the world.  As a result, this was the only video of the incident that we could find.  Check it out.

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