Red Star Belgrade Fans Bombard Partizan Players With Fireworks (Video)

stojkovic dodges flaresAfter winning the last five Serbian League titles, Partizan Belgrade visited Marakana Stadium on Saturday in hopes of extending their lead atop the standings this season as they look to win their sixth consecutive championship.

Marakana is not an easy place to play for visiting teams, and the Partizan players found that out first-hand.  However, it wasn’t the players of the home team, second-place Red Star Belgrade, who were giving them a hard time on Saturday.  Instead, it was the Red Star fans (a.k.a. the Delije) who posed the biggest problem for their bitter Belgrade rivals.

Following a 2-0 victory, which moved them seven points clear of Red Star for top spot in the Serbian League, Partizan players were pelted with firecrackers by the Delije as they tried to leave the pitch.  Many players took cover while others waited for the perfect moment to sprint for the tunnel.

Among those who were bombarded by objects from the crowd was Partizan backup goalkeeper Vladimir Stojković, who slowly made his way off the pitch before sprinting the final 20 meters towards the tunnel and narrowly avoiding the dozens of flares and fireworks that could be seen heading his way.

Getting in the way of things is supposed to be a goalie’s forte, but in this case it was Stojković’s ability to get out of the way that proved to be a key attribute for him.  Check it out.

And here is a look at the rest of the Partizan players attempting to avoid the wrath of the Red Star fans.

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