Top 10 Best Wayne Rooney Goals (Videos)


Ever since Wayne Rooney‘s introduction to the footballing world during the Everton v Arsenal Premier League match on October 19, 2002, soccer lovers knew the inception of a special striker was a certainty to come into fruition.  Of course, Wayne Rooney didn’t disappoint, and following his big-money move to Manchester United he took advantage of his opportunity to become a fan-favorite and a feared footballer in the minds of the opposing defenders.

Over the years, Rooney’s conjured up over 100 goals within the Premier League, as well as other competitions including the Champions League, the FA Cup and such.  As Rooney continues to settle into the current season and extend his prolific goal-scoring record, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best Wayne Rooney goals.

10. Vs Chelsea – March 1st, 2011:

Stamford Bridge was never an easy place to go to during the 2010/11 Premier League season. They were only beaten a few times from the likes of Manchester City and Liverpool but other than that the ground was a fortress. It’s apparent that Rooney, who’s scored several important goals against Chelsea within their own backyard, enjoys match days against the Blues. His effort against the club on March 1st showcased exactly that as he gather the ball, turned towards the goal and unleashed a bullet which Peter Cech had no chance of saving due to the sheer power.

9. Vs Bolton – August 13th, 2007:

When Cristiano Ronaldo was enjoying some of his finest years during his spell with Manchester United, the footballer – regarded to some as the best player in the world – as expected made a partnership with Rooney that ticked from day one. The quality of Wayne Rooney’s goal against Bolton a few years back proved that the pair’s combination was a force to be reckoned with, and Rooney showcased said quality when he combined with Ronaldo in a perfect counter attack, which was completed by a delicate chipped-dink.

8. Vs Manchester City – January 28th, 2010:

Prior to Rooney’s goal against Manchester City during the semi-final of the Carling Cup, the Manchester United striker missed an absolute sitter but it wasn’t emphasized following the match due to what occurred after his blooper. During the 91st minute of the game, Rooney delicately heads the ball into the back of the net via a perfect cross from Ryan Giggs.

7. Vs Arsenal – March 13th, 2011:

After some great play from Rafael da Silva to cross the ball into the box, which was consequently deflected, Rooney showed initiative that makes him the player he is today by heading the ball almost sideways against most odds, resulting in the second goal against Arsenal during 6th round of the FA Cup.

6. Vs Schalke – April 26th, 2011:

The Champions League is when Rooney really comes to life and shows why he’s one of the most coveted strikers in world football. Winning by a goal, the striker sealed the match for his club with a calmly composed finished which isn’t easy to strike, but Rooney made it look ever so simple. Sixty-nine minutes in he shot this curling effort on his first touch following a pass into the box.

5. Vs West Ham –  April 2nd, 2011:

Despite the fact that the West Ham game Rooney played in on April 2nd 2011 was headlined by the striker’s antics regarding swearing on live television, it shouldn’t deter from one of the goals pertaining to his hat-trick within the match. Receiving the cross and then brilliantly touching it down, which moved it just enough away from the opposing player, Rooney proceeded to smash it into the corner of the net.

4. Vs West Ham –  April 2nd, 2011:

Another stunning effort from Wayne Rooney also occurred in the same match with West Ham via a free-kick. The striker isn’t seen too often near the ball when a free-kick is due to commence, but he fancied his chances this time and he didn’t disappoint with the end result. A curling effort that was implemented with just the right amount of power resulted in a goal that you can’t help but admire.

3. Vs Barcelona – May 28th, 2011:

During the last two years, Barcelona have been in top form with some touting the team as the best in world football and it’s remained that way with Lionel Messi still living up to expectations and indeed exceed those expectations. Still, the team’s dominance in recent years didn’t seem to make Manchester United an easy opponent and this was proven to be exactly the case when Rooney curled in a beautiful effort to equalize during the biggest stage of them all, the Champions League final.

2. Vs Aston Villa – February 1st, 2011:

When the clock is under a minute during a match, the norm for strikers is to settle down and pace their movements less than it would be further within the match. That’s not the case with this goal for Rooney, however, as he effectively touches the ball with an almost deaf touch in order to control it and then converted it by smashing in a stunning goal which left Brad Friedel helpless.

1. Vs Manchester City – February 12th, 2011:

In what was deemed to be the best goal ever scored by Wayne Rooney by the majority of the media and even the player himself, admitting it was his best goal ever scored during his professional career, this stunner of an effort saw Nani crossing a peach of a ball into the path of Rooney where the stage was set to deliver.  And that’s exactly what he did: a magnificent overhead bicycle kick that left Joe Hart stunned as he stood helplessly only to see Rooney’s shot breeze past him into the the top of the corner. The match was won by arguably the striker’s best goal ever scored against arch-rivals Manchester City. To further add to the goal’s significance, it’s what City manager Roberto Mancini deemed to be the end of the club’s title fight.

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