OU Fan Under Fire Following Insensitive Twitter Comments

angry mobHere is an interesting story for you all.

It all began when Oklahoma Sooner fan and former student Matt Lynch decided to post the following message on his Twitter account:

Hey @justblack81 and @bweeden3 are yall getting on an airplane before bedlam? Hopefully.#planecrash#die

The comment was directed towards Oklahoma State star wide receiver Justin Blackmon and quarterback Brandon Weeden, who are preparing to take on the Oklahoma Sooners in a big showdown this Saturday.  For those who haven’t figured it out, the “#planecrash#die” reference is regarding the plane crash that killed OSU women’s basketball head coach Kurt Budke and assistant coach Miranda Serna a few weeks ago.

Too soon?  People around the country seemed to think so, and they were quick to let him know, as they bombarded his Twitter account – which has since been deleted – with hundreds of comments.  But it didn’t stop there.

Some folks were even able to get Lynch’s home phone number, resulting in the following tweet from him:

Okay I deleted the tweet stop calling my house phone this got really fucking weird really fast.

Lynch is currently attending Johnson County Community College, but even they have voiced their regret for his comments and have made everyone aware of the fact that Lynch does not represent their school.

But the story doesn’t end there!

There is another interesting twist to this story, and it involves some confusion over the actual twitter address of the Matt Lynch that made the insensitive comments.  Apparently, many have been taking their anger out on @mattlynch, who just so happens to be some kid from Florida who knows nothing about sports.  The Matt Lynch that everyone is looking for is actually @mattiynch, however, many were confused because he used a capital “i”, rather than an “L”.

So now that that whole mess is cleared up, be sure to avoid going to @mattlynch in an effort to voice your displeasure.  All you will be doing is bothering some innocent boy from Florida who was unwillingly dragged into this mess.  If we get a hold of the insensitive Matt Lynch’s home phone number, we’ll be sure to pass that along so that you can bother someone who actually deserves it.

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