Eight Ferraris, Two Mercedes And A Lamborghini In The Most Expensive Car Crash Ever (Video)

ferrari crash japanWhat do you get when you take eight Ferraris, two Mercedes and a Lamborghini and drive them recklessly down the same road?

The most expensive car crash ever!

It took place in western Japan, as 14 luxury cars were making their way from Hiroshima to Kyushu along the China Road.  According to reports, one of the Ferraris spun out of control, hitting the median before crashing into the path of the other automobiles.  Ten drivers were taken to the hospital with injuries, but none were believed to be serious.

As for the cars, many of the models remain unknown, however, the total cost of damages and losses in the crash is expected to total over $1-million USD, as several of the vehicles will likely be scrapped entirely due to the severity of the damage.

The following video should help give you a better understanding of what a $1-million crash looks like.

Hat Tip – [The Mirror]

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