Top 10 Best EPL Goals of 2011 (Videos)


The English Premier League is one of the elite leagues in world football. The country where football saw its inception also saw the birth of their very own league, which was later renamed the Premier League.  Since then the league has seen clubs come and go but the quality of players have always remained top-notch, so there’s no surprise that a top 10 best EPL goals of 2011 list is beckoning.

With the 2011 season underway in the English Premier League, we’ve seen the emergence of big spenders Manchester City, whilst other top clubs such as Chelsea have experienced a lack in quality from their players. Still, the amount of goals the current season has delivered have been far and few between, most of which are some stunners. Total Pro Sports has compiled the top 10 best EPL goals of 2011 thus far.

10 – Ryan Taylor vs Arsenal:

You won’t often see defenders scoring in the Premier League, but on various occasions in regards to scoring, they do certainly make it a goal to remember. Newcastle defender Ryan Taylor chests the ball down after an Everton player heads the ball out to the edge of the box, and then executes a stunning, dipping strike that is sure to be heralded as one of the goals of the season.

9 – Glen Johnson vs Chelsea:

With the game in the final few minutes, Liverpool were searching for an equalizer as hard as they could but none of the players could muster up a chance they could capitalize on. Up steps Glen Johnson, who brilliantly touches the ball down from Charlie Adam’s quality cross-field cross, nutmegs Ashley Cole, holds off the pressure from Florent Malouda and finishes with a cool strike into the corner of the net.

8 – Didier Drogba vs Bolton:

Striking a similarity with his pre-season AC Milan goal, Didier Drogba benefits from Malouda’s winning of the ball from Bolton defender Steinsson from which he furthers up until the 30 yard mark and unleashes a shot that had practically every element a player could possibly implement; power, pace and accuracy caused this ball to be too much of trouble for Jaaskelainen.

7 – David Silva vs QPR:

David Silva has proven to be a revelation and one of the best on-form midfielders in the Premier League, as well as arguably in world football during his season so far in 2011 with Manchester City. His class proved too much for the opposing team for the umpteenth time against QPR, with Silva retrieving Dzeko’s ball and consequently fooling one of the defenders by touching it away and firing in a greatly crafted goal.

6 – Sergio Aguero vs Swansea:

Sergio Aguero settled into the Premier League, well, practically instantly with the striker’s debut against Swansea seeing the player score a brace. The second of said brace was a magnificent strike that ended up being one of Aguero’s many goals to come in the 2011 season (13 thus far). From around 25 yards out, Aguero sets him self up with a touch towards goal and performs a wonderful strike that leaves Swansea’s goalkeeper helpless, which is attributable to the pure quality produced.

5 – Luis Suarez vs Sunderland:

Luis Suarez proved his class once again for his goal against Sunderland at the Stadium of Light. Passing and outpacing Lee Cattermole, the Liverpool striker makes space within an extremely tight segment of the pitch with the result being a fierce strike that shocked the goalkeeper to find its way onto the side of the net.

4 – Royston Drenthe vs Fulham:

On loan from Real Madrid, Royston Drenthe is known for his speed and technique which was at display when he converted brilliantly for his second goal for Everton; the winger saw an opening for a shot and so he did with a first time strike that resulted in a fine goal – from 25 yards out, a curler beat Mark Schwarzer to his left side of the goal.

3 – Juan Mata vs Arsenal:

Jaun Mata has built a reputation as a extremely skillful player, which, when combined with his pace makes the former Valencia player a star in the making for the Premier League. With Chelsea losing 3-2, Mata manages to shoot just in time prior to a tackle from Song resulting in a 20 yard stunner that had both power and dip, as well as direction which all complemented each other well enough to end up as a great goal and level the score.

2 – Theo Walcott:

Walcott has been heavily criticized in his career thus far for his inability to produce an end ball; his pace is without a doubt his strongest advantage but the final execution almost always seems to fall short of expectations. You can’t take anything away from the player for this goal, though; falling down but controlling the ball with a perfect double touch which put it through the legs of Ivanovic, Walcott was through on goal and finished off a plausible solo effort with a power strike to put Arsenal in a winning position.

1 – Raul Meireles vs Wolves:

Whilst Raul Meireles is now at Chelsea, the midfielder’s time with Liverpool was certainly a pleasant one following Kenny Dalglish’s return as manager. It was fitting, then, that Meireles scored one of the goals of the season with a remarkable volley from around 20 yards which Wolves keeper had no chance of saving due to the sheer perfection of the strike.

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