49ers’ Aldon Smith Shows Us How To Celebrate A Sack (Video)

aldon smith sack celebrationSome of these celebrations in football are really getting out of hand.  Sure, a touchdown or a game-changing play on defense may be a good enough reason to whip out that dance you’ve been working on all week in practice, but is there really a need for receivers to be celebrating after every catch?  Or should defensive players really be Tebowing or performing the Pee-Wee Herman Tequila Dance following a sack during a blowout?

My answer to the aforementioned questions would be an emphatic “NO!”  After all, making a catch, tackle or sack is their job!  That is what they get paid to do!  So just do it and shut up!

San Francisco 49ers defensive end/outside linebacker Aldon Smith seems to feel the same way, and he demonstrated that following a sack against A.J. Feeley and the lowly St. Louis Rams on Sunday.

With the 49ers already leading 26-0 in the fourth quarter, Smith knew his second sack of the game on a 4th & 12 play was a rather meaningless one.  So rather than remaining on the field and celebrating it, the 2011 first-round pick simply sprinted to the sideline and took a seat on the 49ers bench.

In an age when everyone wants to celebrate, coaches often find themselves reminding their players to “act like they have been there before.”  With 9.5 sacks on the season, Smith has certainly “been there before,” and he acted like it on this play.  Check it out.

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