Aaron Rodgers Is A Master Photobomber (Pics)

aaron rodgers photobomb

Much like the tradition of taking a snapshot of the three Green Bay Packers captains prior to each of their games, it has also become a weekly custom for quarterback Aaron Rodgers to photobomb said images.

While most may think that Rodgers could only work up the courage to take part in these photobombs after acquiring the starting quarterback job in Green Bay, that was far from the case.  Instead, Rodgers has been showing up in the background of the captains photos since 2006, when he was still backing up Brett Favre.

Now Rodgers has a Super Bowl ring, a Super Bowl MVP, and it won’t be long before he has himself a regular season MVP as well.  However, that hasn’t stopped him from continuing his pregame photobombing festivities.

While giving the viewers a sneak peak at Rodgers’ photobombing career, FOX NFL commentator Joe Buck said that the network’s cameras were on A-Rod prior to Sunday’s game against the Giants in hopes of catching him in the act, but the Packers’ quarterback never took part in any photobombing.

I guess they missed the following image, which clearly shows Rodgers taking part in his usual antics prior to Sunday’s game in New York.

aaron rodgers photobomb

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