How One Raised Arm Cost Cathedral High School’s Football Team The Championship (Video)

matthew owens td celebrationWith his team trailing by two in the final minutes of their championship game, Cathedral High School quarterback Matthew Owens appeared to be on the verge of securing his school’s first ever Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association Division 4A football championship, as he called his own number on a quarterback draw and raced 55-yards into the end zone for the go-ahead touchdown.

However, on his way to glory, Owens couldn’t help but raise his arm in celebration for less than a full second.  That may not sound like much, but it was enough for the official standing in the end zone to throw the yellow flag for excessive celebration.

It was supposed to be a moment of joy for Owens, who was also celebrating his 18th birthday, but the unsportsmanlike penalty was not the birthday gift he had hoped for, as his touchdown was nullified and Blue Hills Regional Technical School escaped with the 16-14 victory.

While the game may have ended on Saturday, the argument is still alive, as several students, parents and coaches at Cathedral High have asked the school board for an explanation.  As for the board, they are still waiting to see the game report from the officials before making a final decision, however, it does not appear as though they will be changing the ruling on the field.

So was this a case of excessive celebration?  Should Matthew Owens have taken a page from Aldon Smith’s book and simply sprinted into the end zone with his arms down, before making his way to the sideline following his big play?  Or should the officials have allowed this celebration to slide?

Take a look at the video below and decide for yourself.

Hat Tip – [Boston Herald]

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