Two Teachers Caught Having Sex At A Buffalo Bills Game (Video)

jennifer rotellaDuring Sunday’s game at Ralph Wilson Stadium between the Buffalo Bills and the Tennessee Titans, Jennifer Rotella, 35, and Michael France, 38, from the Wilson Central School District in New York were caught engaging in sexual activities in a bathroom stall.  According to France’s wife (who is not the woman he was in the stall with), the couple was arrested as they were exiting the restroom.

Both teachers were charged with public lewdness and will appear in court later this month.  They are also being investigated by the school board, which could result in a suspension or their teaching certificates being revoked.

Judging by the image of Jennifer, I’m going to assume that there were plenty of disappointed male students at Stevenson Elementary School after news broke that Miss Rotella wouldn’t be around for a while.  Here is a look at the new report of the incident.

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