One-Armed MMA Fighter Nick Newell Wins XFC 15 Bout By Submission (Video)

nick newellSome of you may feel as though it is embarrassing to lose a fight to a man with only one arm, but Nick Newell is no ordinary one-armed man.  While the 25-year-old mixed martial artist may enter each of his bouts at a disadvantage because of his handicap, he hasn’t let that stop him from earning first round victories in each of his first five MMA fights.

Newell stepped into the cage for his sixth professional fight on Friday at XFC 15 in Tampa, and once again it was another stoppage, this time via a heel hook submission against Denis Hernandez.

Let this be a lesson to you all regarding why it is never a good idea to go out on the town picking fights with randoms.  Because even though the guy with one arm may look like an easy target, that isn’t always the case.  And you certainly don’t want to learn that the hard way.

Just ask Denis Hernandez.

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