James Harrison Will Probably Be Fined For This Hit On Colt McCoy (Video)

james harrison hit to head of colt mccoyThe wallet of Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison could be shedding some pounds following last night’s 14-3 victory over the Cleveland Browns.

With the Browns driving down the field in the fourth quarter in search of the go-ahead touchdown, quarterback Colt McCoy was looking to escape the pressure by scrambling out of the pocket, but one man who he couldn’t get away from was Harrison, who proceeded to drive the crown of his helmet into the chin of McCoy.

The hit left McCoy on the ground in pain.  He had to be taken out of the game, but much to the surprise of everyone who witnessed the hit, McCoy was able to return to the game just in time to throw a game-clinching interception in the end zone.

During a post-game interview Harrison claimed that he felt the hit was legal, stating the following:

“From what I understand, once the quarterback leaves the pocket, he’s considered a runner.  All the defenseless[ness] and liberties that a quarterback has in the pocket are gone and you can tackle him just as he’s a running back. The hit wasn’t late, so I really don’t understand why it was called.”

Don’t worry James.  If you still don’t understand why your hit was penalized, I’m sure commissioner Roger Goodell will be explaining it to you in the very near future.

Here is a look at the hit that will likely cause James Harrison’s bank account to take a hit of its own.

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