Top 10 Best MLS Goals of 2011 (Videos)

Whilst Major League Soccer – the United States’ elite football league – doesn’t exactly sport the same quantity as other leagues, such as La Liga and the Premier League, the quality of goals are arguably some of the best football fans will ever witness. Total Pro Sports has compiled a list consisting of the top 10 best MLS goals of 2011.

10. Alan Gordon vs LS – Week 13:

It’s not often that a ball is hit as perfectly as this. With the ball dipping perfectly following a header from Alan Gordon’s teammate, the lower segment of the football was hit with just enough power and direction that it found itself flying goal-ward, hitting the bar fiercely enough to cause it to go off the bar and into the back of the net.

9. Chad Barrett vs Portland – Week 6:

Retrieving the ball with his first touch via a neat flick, LA Galaxy’s Chad Barrett controls the ball with his upper arm/borderline shoulder, waits for it to drop down and unleashes an unstoppable strike. Whilst there was initially a hint of handball, it was deemed to have been controlled by his shoulder.  Either way, there’s no doubting the quality of the way he set up, composed, and finished the strike for his goal.

8. Darlington Nagbe vs Kansas City:

In terms of individual prowess, Darlington Nagbe’s goal against Kansas City is up there with the very best. The player performs a touch after the ball falls down to the edge of the area, and then takes a further kick up to subsequently strike a beautiful effort that just guided the ball into the top corner of the net.

7. Javier Martina vs Portland – Week 2:

Long balls from keepers are always awkward for defenders due to the bounce of the ball. Javier Martina capitalized on exactly that by waiting for the ball to bounce ahead of him and then executing a volley-styled shot that was combined with a suitable amount of power; a shot which found its way onto the left side of the bar and consequently ending up in the goal.

6. Juan Agudelo vs DC – Week 6:

With a fairly awkward ball to deal with when it’s behind you, the pass from Juan Agudelo was still controlled and picked up by the player in what turned out to be a beautifully crafted strike that resulted in a goal. Flicking the ball up with his boot and switching immediately to his other in order to strike the ball, the rapidness and technique proved too much for the goalkeeper.

5. David Beckham vs Kansas City – Week 9:

David Beckham’s prolonged career has seen the former England captain play in several leagues; the Premier League with Manchester United, Serie A with AC Milan, La Liga with Real Madrid, as well as Major League Soccer in America. While Beckham has had his fair share of goals during his time with the LA Galaxy, his free-kick scorcher in 2011 is arguably one of his finest. From a few yards outside the edge of the area on the left side of the pitch, Beckham swirls in a shot that dumbfounded the keeper to go past him and into the middle of the net.

4. Graham Zusi vs Dallas – Week 13:

Graham Zusi sure knows how to strike a free kick. In a 40 + yard proximity to the goal line, Zus cleverly executes a delicate, yet powerful strike that has just enough uplift to go over the keeper and into back of the net. Granted, Dallas’ goalkeeper was understandably some way off the goal line and was blind-sighted by the strike, but Graham Zus’ quality in this instance shouldn’t be overlooked.

3. Bobby Convey vs New England – Week 10:

Another free-kick stunner is executed by Bobby Convey; from just outside the box on the right side of the stadium, Convey defines what a curling shot should be like. An absolute peach of a shot sees the ball curling all the way into the top left hand corner of the goal, which was also paired with a dip that fooled everyone on the pitch.

2. Carlos Ruiz vs Chicago – Week 10:

You arguably won’t see a more stunning goal in Major League Soccer for 2011 than this beauty delivered by Carlos Ruiz. Literally touching the ball down neatly away from a player, the control showed by Ruiz allowed him to drive a powerful, dipping shot that had just enough power and vision to hit the underside of the cross-bar.

1. Eric Hassli vs Seattle – Week 13:

When Eric Hassli scored this particular goal, the world of football were in awe of the sheer technique and execution of the shot itself. Hassli capitalizes on an error by the defender to control the ball in order to flick it ahead of him and ultimately produce a mesmerizing, unstoppable shot.

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